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Security is all about balance

This webinar series is part of our Cyber Security Ecosystems campaign, which involves some of our key partners that will help you to drive efficiencies through creating a security ecosystem.


Security is all about balance and you need to balance your changing business needs and existing security environment as you grow. By understanding your unique business requirements you can then understand your cyber security requirements and how you can make more from what you already own by connecting the dots with your security. This webinar focuses on the solution that works at the email and on endpoint devices, to help dissolve the chain of an incident at both the delivery and installation stages.


  • Introduction to the Softcat, Mimecast and Crowdstrike partnership
  • Integration opportunities - how the key perimeter technologies allow for an incident exchange
  • Breaking down silos, giving visibility of security information on best of breed technologies
  • Incident protection with email security
  • Reducing the administration required through integration
  • Q & A