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How well equipped are you against cyber incidents? With Sophos

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08 July 2021 at 10:00 GMT

Security that protects your world | Security-as-a-Platform

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This forms part of the Security-as-a-Platform webinar series.


Your business is your world and every measure you’ve taken to protect it is a step in the right direction.

What’s important now is keeping up that momentum. That means creating a balance between your changing business needs and existing security environment.
In this session we go behind the scenes of cybercrime and expose hacking techniques, from recon through to exploit. We’ll then switch sides and look at how defence measures work and are at their peak when deployed as a system.

Join Jon Hope, Security Specialist at Sophos and Patrick Armson, Specialist Sales Manager at Softcat to discuss how Sophos is making your organisation’s world safer for exchanging digital information across your entire estate.



  • What is security-as-a-Platform?
  • Why is this an important consideration for hybrid working?
  • Behind the scenes of a cyber-attack and remediation
  • Protect your estate through a single management console, connecting your endpoints and firewall to protect against ransomware
  • IT Security best practice from a Sophos expert

Now Available to Watch On-Demand