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11:00am - Resilience through Adversity

11:15am - How Digital Transformation Affects Cyber Security

11:45am - Steering Through the Changing Landscape of Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)


1:45pm - Operational overheads - balancing stress in security workloads

2:05pm - Bridging the Gap in Cyber Threat Response

2:25pm - Closing Remarks


2:50pm - 3:15pm

The Journey to Modernising the Softcat SOC

A Softcat-led session hosted by Patrick Armson, Specialist Sales Manager, with Paul Solomon, Head of Cyber Security, Wayne Samaroo, Technical Practice Lead and Tim Lovegrove, Cyber Operations Manager

What does the ‘Softcat Approach’ look like in security operations?


3:20pm - 3:45pm

The Shared Struggles of Incident Response in Cloud

with Softcat’s Senior Security Architect, Mark J Williams and Karl Lankford, Senior Director for Solutions Engineering at Rapid7

 We have challenges conducting incident response in the cloud to the same levels we do on traditional infrastructure, but how can you navigate them?



Cyber Teams are Best Placed to Adopt GenAI and Here's Why

with Lee Pillay, Senior Security Architect at Softcat, and John Spencer, Director of Sales Engineering at CrowdStrike

They are the most AI-ready department in your organisation – and they might already be using it – so how can you support your security operations teams in embracing the full potential of GenAI?


2:50pm - 3:15pm

Adopting SASE & SSE

with Thomas Rowley, Softcat's Chief Technologist for Network & Connectivity & David Spillane, Systems Engineering Director at Fortinet

Immersing you into the world of SASE & SSE


3:20pm - 3:45pm

The Power of Nuerodiversity in Cyber security

with Phil Hargreaves, Senior Team Leader and Networking & Security Consultant at Softcat, and Malcolm Murphy, Senior Director for Sales Engineering at Mimecast

How can businesses create recruitment and retention programmes that encourages neurodiversity, and empower those individuals in creating successful careers in Cyber Security?



Approaching Operational Technology in Security

a session hosted by Trevor Highley, Head of Specialist Sales at Softcat, with Kieron Newsham, Chief Technologist for Cyber Security at Softcat, and Chris Baker, OT Territory Manager for Europe at Tenable

These worlds collide and we don't speak the same language. We say security, they say safety - how can we build secure OT environments together to be genuinely effective moving forward.



2:50pm - 3:30pm

Question Time: Impact of upcoming statutory and contractual regulations in Public Sector & Commercial

An interactive session hosted by Softcat’s Paul Fleming, Chief Strategist & Public Sector Advisory Lead, with panellists Andy Lamb, Chief Strategist & Corporate Advisory Lead, James Seaman, Head of Advisory Services, Radhika Rangaraju, Chief Strategist for Public Sector and Jonathan Lee, Director of Public Sector Sales and Public Sector Relations at TrendMicro



Question Time: All things organisational risk

An interactive session hosted by Andy Lamb, Chief Strategist & Corporate Advisory Lead, with panellists Paul Fleming, Chief Strategist & Public Sector Advisory Lead, James Seaman, Head of Advisory Services, Radhika Rangaraju, Chief Strategist for Public Sector, Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Chief Security Advisor at Microsoft and David Mareels, Senior Director of Product Management at Sophos