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An annual snapshot of the enterprise IT landscape in the UK and Ireland, provided by Softcat. 
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What is the Softcat Business Tech Priorities Report?

Each year, we ask our customers what technology solutions and services they plan to prioritise over the next 12 months to help them overcome the biggest challenges they are facing today.

The findings help us to understand how businesses across 27 industries and sectors (both public and private) are prioritising their technology investments to conquer the new normal and thrive. Once we've analysed these findings, we share them through the Softcat Business Tech Priorities Report.

This year's report is based on the views of more than 1,800 customers in the UK and Ireland, offering a valuable insight into the IT landscape and how organisations are using technology to transform their operations, workforces and competitiveness.


Business Tech Priorities Report

Inside the report

The key themes of the Softcat Business Tech Priorities Report

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Cyber Security top priority

62% of customers state Cyber Security is their top technology priority for the next 12 months

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IT budgets under strain

IT budgets are either being reduced or are under strain, owing to the rising rates of inflation and competing priorities

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Sustainability rising in importance

19% of customers said sustainability is an important factor in their IT investments this year, up from 9.6% of businesses in 2021

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Devices crucial for new way of working

46% of respondents cited Devices as a priority investment area over the next 12 months as the shift to new working models continues

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Challenges with technology platforms

47% of customers face challenges with their technology platforms, including managing everyday operations, researching and implementing new solutions and providing suitable technology for a hybrid workforce

Download the full report for


  • A more in-depth look at the IT investments of more than 1,800 organisations in the UK and Ireland
  • Dive deeper into the report’s headline findings with experts from Softcat’s Office of Chief Technology Officers (OCTO) and explore the business tech trends they’re seeing across Digital Workspace, Cyber Security and Hybrid Infrastructure
  • A detailed overview of the biggest technology challenges businesses are facing today and the digital solutions and tools helping them to overcome them
  • A spotlight on sustainability: How “greener” IT strategies are supporting more organisations in meeting their Corporate Social Responsibility goals


“Today, organisations are focused on switching off ‘emergency’ digital transformation mode and turning on smarter digital transformation, setting a clear and concise roadmap for the deployment of new technologies. This will help them to remain agile in the face of new headwinds – from rising inflation to skills shortages and supply chain delays – as well as taking positive action towards our shared sustainability goals.”


Download the full 2022 business tech report here