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Secure your organisation
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Cyber security threats are rising. Attackers are using more sophisticated methods. Organisations are going out of business as a result of attacks… but you don’t want to hear about that, do you?

Today, we’re continually made aware of the negatives associated with cyber security, so we think it’s time to change that. At Softcat, we believe it’s best to help our customers create effective cyber security strategies based on a realistic, but positive outlook.

We’re here to identify the things you’re already doing well, maximise your existing investments, and secure your entire supply chain from top to bottom. Ready?


Our vision is to help you build, implement and maintain an ongoing programme to reduce cyber risk in a way that’s right for your business.

Our strategy for continued cyber security success

Businesses today are more interested in knowing what ‘good’ looks like, as opposed to what’s ‘bad’, and rightly so. Therefore, we’ve created a strategy guide to highlight the main areas that’ll help you make improvements and set you on a path to continued cyber security success.

Smaller businesses need a well thought through approach to cyber security, so we’ve developed a bespoke Small Business Guide to help. View the guide here.

Introducing our approach

Hear from our Head of Cyber Security Services, and three of our senior experts, as they talk about the key areas required to build a solid cyber security strategy. Find out how to prioritise your actions, develop a plan, and secure your supply chain.

Changing the way we talk about cyber security

Prioritising your cyber security actions

Developing a tangible plan

Securing the supply chain


Overcome the challenges
of an evolving landscape

You have a high level of responsibility to deliver reliable security within your organisation, so our vision is help you build, implement and maintain an ongoing programme that is right for your business.

Learn more about our
assessments and services

Our range of cyber security assessments and services reduce risk and empower businesses to flourish; they help you overcome continually evolving challenges; and they’re delivered by a vastly experienced team.

Start your journey to improved cyber security

Now you’ve learnt a little bit about our approach, it’s time to take the first step on your own journey improved cyber security.

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