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What to expect from Digital Health Rewired 2023 this week

Softcat will be attending in partnership with Tanium on stand H6, to share our perspective on what we think the key outcomes will be.

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Rachel Clay headshot

Rachel Clay

Head of Education

Digital Health Rewired is one of the most anticipated events in the healthcare industry, providing an opportunity for healthcare professionals, technology experts, and industry leaders to come together and discuss the latest developments in the field.

As a leading provider of IT solutions and services, Softcat has been at the forefront of driving digital transformation in the healthcare sector and we believe that technology has the potential to transform healthcare, making it more efficient, effective, and patient centric.

Health tech in the post-covid world

One of the key outcomes we expect from Digital Health Rewired 2023 is a focus on digital health technologies. Since the break of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been rapid acceleration in the adoption of digital health technologies. We expect to see this trend to continue into 2023, with an increasing number of healthcare providers using technologies such as telemedicine, remote monitoring, and digital therapeutics to improve patient outcomes.

Keeping and sharing data safely

Another outcome we anticipate is a continued emphasis on data privacy and security. With the rise of digital health technologies, there is a growing need to ensure that patient data is protected from Cyber threats. We expect to see discussions around the latest cybersecurity threats facing the healthcare sector and how healthcare providers can implement robust security measures to safeguard patients.

In addition, we expect to see a continued focus on interoperability and data sharing. The ability to share patient data between different healthcare providers is essential for providing coordinated and integrated care.

Power to the people!

Finally, we expect to see an increased focus on patient engagement and empowerment. Digital health technologies have the potential to empower patients to take control of their health and improve their outcomes. We expect discussions around how healthcare providers can use digital technologies to engage with patients and provide personalised care.

We believe that Digital Health Rewired 2023 (14-15 March)  will be an exciting event, providing an opportunity to learn about the latest developments in digital health and network with healthcare professionals and industry leaders. We are committed to driving digital transformation in the healthcare sector, and we look forward to sharing our expertise and insights with other attendees at the event.

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