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Understanding the Impact of R80

Understand the Impact of Check Point R80

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Matthew Tavare

Check Point Business Manager

Check Point’s new management platform, R80, was first released in May 2017. It is representative of how Check Point has evolved, as it offers an array of new features that are the culmination of many years of development. Its latest version, R80.20, is an extension of this progress. Although it is significant progress, however, it also brings complexity for customers. These will need to be addressed soon as its predecessor, R77, will go end of support in September 2019.

How can R80 benefit your organisation?

Check Point has dedicated a vast amount of resource to the formulation of R80; the enhancements to its code alone, for example, have taken over a decade. These benefits are wide-ranging, with over 100 new features, focused around improving the customer experience. Examples include true centralised management, the ability for users to work concurrently, and automation across the platform.


The Journey from R77 to R80

As R77 is end-of-support this year, customers must migrate to R80. While there are substantial benefits, mentioned above, it also brings new challenges.

R80 has a new database structure that enables these new features; therefore this requires more processing power than previous versions. This increased use of resource means older appliances – including the IP series – are no longer compatible. Customers, as a result, may need to either upgrade or replace their existing appliances.

In terms of R80 itself, there are a range of new features for customers to learn and understand. Softcat is here to help you make fully utilise these benefits.

How can we help? 

Softcat has been working closely with Check Point in preparation for this change – for example, we’re the first partner globally to implement the R80 multidomain manager. Following on from this extended planning period together, we can offer numerous options to organisations:

  • Assess: Our security specialists and consultants can assess your organisation’s existing estate. This includes understanding how the gateways are running and undertaking an in-depth analysis of policies to ensure an organisation maximises their Check Point investment.
  • Manage: The consultants can manage the migration to R80.
  • Hosted Management: Softcat is the only Check Point partner to offer Hosted Management, designed to specifically deal with the challenge posed by R80. It enables you to retain control of your firewalls and removes the need to purchase replacement appliances to manage R80. This is because Softcat can host the management platform for you.

Free training courses

Softcat is also providing free training courses across its offices. These offer a hands-on opportunity to understand the new features of the R80 management platform.

Dublin, 17th of September

Glasgow, 11th of September

London, 24th of September -

Manchester, 26th of September

Get in Touch

If you've got any about the launch of R80.20, or are having issues with migrating over from R77, please get in contact with your Softcat Account Manager, or hit the button below and fill out the contact form.