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Jisc Networkshop 2023 | Unveiling environmental innovation in higher education

As we edge closer to Jisc Networkshop 2023, I wanted to share what you can expect from this highly anticipated event.

Jisc Network Shop
Rachel Clay headshot

Rachel Clay

Head of Education

As we edge closer to Jisc Networkshop 2023 – Wednesday 14 to Thursday 16 June at Nottingham Trent University, and Friday 16 June online - I wanted to share what you can expect from this highly anticipated event. This annual conference is a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and the exploration of emerging trends within the education technology landscape. We are all aware of the global focus on sustainability and environmental responsibility, and Jisc Networkshop 2023 is set to highlight the importance of environmental innovation in higher education institutions. So, how can environmental innovation in tech benefit higher education?

Cutting edge technologies

Jisc Networkshop 2023 will highlight the latest advancements in environmentally conscious technologies. Attendees can expect presentations and demonstrations on energy-efficient data centres, renewable energy solutions, smart building technologies and sustainable computer initiatives. These innovations have the potential to significantly reduce carbon footprints and operations costs.

Sustainable campuses

Higher education institutions are increasingly recognising the importance of sustainable campus practises. The Jisc Networkshop conference will highlight successful initiatives implemented by various universities, such as renewable energy, waste reduction and recycling programs, eco-friendly transportation systems, and suitable procurement procedures. These initiatives not only benefit the environment but also promote a culture of sustainability amongst staff and students.

Data driven sustainability

The use of data analytics and AI plays a vital role in driving sustainability efforts. Harnessing the power of data allows universities to make informed decisions to enhance their environmental performance.

Collaborative partnerships

Environmental innovation in higher education requires collaborative partnerships between the institution itself, technology providers and industry experts. Jisc Networkshop 2023 is an enabler for these networking opportunities, encouraging collaboration and referencing between one another. The bringing together of these institutions allows the acceleration of sustainable technologies and strategies.

Student engagement and empowerment

Students play a pivotal role in driving environmental change. Jisc Networkshop will emphasise the significance of empowering students to participate in sustainable initiatives. This may subsequently provide platforms for students to contribute ideas and innovations for a greener campus.

In conclusion…

Jisc Networkshop 2023 promises to be an inspiring event that brings together higher education institutions, technology leaders, and sustainability advocates to explore environmental innovation. As universities strive to address the challenges posed by climate change, embracing sustainable technologies and practises will become imperative. I am looking forward to witnessing the transformative ideas and initiatives that will shape the future of sustainability in higher education.

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