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Brewtanix; HCI and a beer – sounds good!

Softcat and Nutanix are proud to host informative customer events.

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So what Is a Brewtanix event?


Softcat and Nutanix have closely partnered since 2013 and for the last few years we’ve been collaborating on customer events called Brewtanix. These events bring our customers together for informal, fun and informative events that are held in partnership with different breweries from around the UK; previous breweries have included Siren Craft, Wild Beer and Tiny Rebel.

The events provide attendees with anything from high level tech overviews and updates on Nutanix’s HCI technology, to tech deep-dive sessions that address specific use cases and business needs. What sets apart the Softcat/Nutanix Brewtanix events is the fact that the content is often driven by attendee polls, whereby we ask you during the event what you would be interested to hear about and then we deliver on that.

Typically, Brewtanix events are presented by a mixture of Softcat and Nutanix stakeholders, ranging from Solutions Design Architects, Cloud Economists through to Softcat’s OCTO (Office of the CTO) team. To highlight the breadth and depth of Softcat’s presence on these events, more often than not, those that present also hold NTC status (Nutanix Tech Champion) – you can find out more about our NTC’s here– meaning you really are hearing the latest and greatest on Nutanix.


Hear from Stuart Bland, One of Softcat’s Solutions Design Architects (and frequent Brewtanix presenter)…

“As a prospective customer looking at Nutanix, Brewtanix hits on three levels:

  1. You’ll get to see Nutanix experts talking about their passion in a relaxed environment rather than a stuffy meeting room!
  2. There will be a host of other experts in the room who will be more than happy to field any questions you might have about the tech in between presentations
  3. Finally, and for me most importantly, you get the opportunity to network with other Nutanix customers and prospects in a much less clinical environment than the usual customer testimonials you might be used to!  Drinks are flowing, people are chatty, and you really do get to hear the unedited experience of using Nutanix, how it is to implement, and most importantly what does and doesn’t work for a variety of organisations.

As an existing customer, you get some insights into the latest features you may not have had time to read up on at work, you get to share war stories with other customers going through the same kinds of transformations that you are, and you have an opportunity to share your own unfiltered experiences with potential new ‘Nutants’.”


What does this mean for you?

Liking what you’re hearing so far, but unsure if the events are suitable for you? No need to worry. Brewtanix events are suitable for Infrastructure Admins and Cloud Engineers, through to Operations Directors and C-suites. Our events bring people together from different industries and backgrounds to enjoy a cold beverage and some informal tech talks. Sounds pretty good, right!?

You also have the opportunity of a Q&A session during the events with the Softcat and Nutanix experts, offering an inclusive approach for any inquisitive attendees.

Throughout the pandemic we were forced to deliver these events virtually, sending out beers and non-alcoholic drinks to people’s houses, ready for them to crack open when the event begins. With the Covid pandemic seemingly behind us now though, we will be hosting more Brewtanix events in-person across different cities in the UK.

So no matter whether you’re a new or existing Softcat/Nutanix customer, if you want to hear all about Nutanix’s technology, updates and ways that you can save your business money whilst hitting key business KPI’s, all whilst enjoying a cold beer (or whatever takes your fancy!), then Brewtanix events are for you!


When are the events held and how can you register?

Typically Softcat hold at least 5 Brewtanix events per calendar year. There isn’t a set format for these events, so you’ll need to speak to your Softcat account manager to find out whether there are any relevant Brewtanix events being run in the near future.

If there are, then please ask your Softcat account manager to forward you a registration email, if you’ve not received one already. Please be aware that not all Brewtanix events will be relevant to you; some specifically address certain industries or business use cases. Your Softcat account manager can advise if this is the case.

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