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The Big Cyber Summit 2024 On Demand

We are on an all-time high within the security team at Softcat right now after our event showcase, The Big Cyber Summit 2024, took place last week on Wednesday 1st May. Watch all the content on demand now.

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Kieron Newsham

Kieron Newsham

Chief Technologist - Cyber Security

Watch The Big Cyber Summit On Demand Now

We welcomed through the doors hundreds of customers, our closest cyber security partners, and fellow Softcat staff to Kings Place in London, to what was not only our inaugural cyber security focused event, but the largest customer facing event Softcat has ever undertaken. 

The team at Softcat built this event from the ground up, with a constant focus on what matters in cyber security and how we can help, inform and guide in what is a complex area of technology. This resulted in us creating a day where we could showcase areas we could genuinely assist across a huge range of areas in cyber, and it all started with us setting the theme for the day - Cyber Resilience. 

 We introduced this with a real-life story of resilience, linking this back to how it influences what we do in the vocation of cyber security. All of it requires a level of resiliency both to withstand, and to progress. 

  • Resilience in defence, whether it be new technology, application and adoption of new frameworks and standards, or improved training. 

  • Resilience in recovery, such as more proactive testing, broader procedural implementation or the implementation of immutable infrastructure.  

This theme then flowed down in to our four key areas we see in cyber today, each of which we attached thought leading keynote content and speakers to, seeking to inform and reaffirm: 

  • Digital transformation - where Sarah Armstrong-Smith, Chief Security Strategist at Microsoft for EMEA, delivered how digital transformation is affecting cyber security and what we need to do about it. 

  • The changing landscape of Governance, Risk and Compliance - a panel session with Softcat royalty Graham Charlton CEO at Softcat, Debra Coady Legal Director and General Counsel at Softcat, and Kevin Fielder, CISO at NatWest Boxed & Mettle, discussing risk, legislative impacts to cyber, and balancing business drivers with compliance.  

  • Operational overhead - Scott Manson, Director for Cisco Security UK&I, delivered how we need to centralise not just the purchase of security technology, but how it is consumed and the knock-on affect to Cisco as a business. 

  • Advancing adversaries - Tim Erridge, VP at Unit 42 for Palo Alto, delivered insightful knowledge of learnings from the filed in Digital Forensics and Incident Response, how threat actors are moving, changing and operationalising new technology. Plus, what we need to do to bridge the gap as defenders. 

This provided a baseline of insights and provoked thought, to lead us in to the breakout sessions aligned to three vocational areas of cyber security; Leadership, Operations, and Engineering. 

Topics in the sessions varied from the journey on how Softcat's own SOC and services were built and matured over the last 10 years, the importance of Neurodiversity in cyber teams, and what we're missing in incident response within the cloud. I was personally on the ’How to: OT Security, Panel’ hosted by Trev Highley from Softcat, and Chris Baker from Tenable, with some really engaging topics covering Operational Technology over multiple industries. 

For me, the day was emotional because of two reasons. For one, it was the first time I have discussed my own struggles with mental health, and specifically PTSD openly. And secondly, to witness what the team have accomplished in building this event after nearly a year’s worth of planning and hard work, and to see what it meant to them delivering it on the day, was very special to see!

If you were unable to attend or want to catch up on sessions from the day, you can view all the session recordings here. You can also view more on cyber security on our website here. 

Please let your account manager know how you found the event but also if we, or any of our partners covered something you would like to know more about on the day, or you wanted to get time with one of our presenters - please let your account team know.