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Case Study

Empowering a global safety specialist with cloud-first protection

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Working alongside trusted strategic partner, Druva, we helped the world’s leading provider of safety, survival and skills training for offshore workers to adopt a cloud-first data protection strategy.

RelyOn Nutec improves safety for the employees and customers of over 10,000 organisations a year within the oil and gas, maritime, and wind and industrial sectors. However, as the business was recently spun out of parent company, Falck Safety Services, which had been using a legacy backup solution, RelyOn Nutec needed something new to provide greater data protection.

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The Challenge

Global IT Project Manager, Gavin Bell, explained: “Backup took a lot of management and much time was spent checking on it every day. We often had to dedicate time to resolving issues with clients, and we had no visibility into about 80% of the network.” In short, RelyOn Nutec needed a new backup and recovery solution for 50+ terabytes of Windows file server and AWS data with full data visibility and accessibility.

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The Solution

Gavin and his team challenged Softcat to recommend a backup and restore solution that was cost-efficient and cloud-native – one that would have a lower TCO versus traditional backup software – so, we turned to Druva for assistance. Adopting the ‘cloud-first’ strategy that we advised, RelyOn Nutec migrated data protection for their Windows file servers to the cloud. This unique cloud-native approach dramatically improved data visibility and delivered a single control pane so IT could easily recover server data down to the file level.

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The Results

  • We provided RelyOn Nutec with 100% visibility into all Windows server backups
  • The 62X eduplication that Druva delivered enabled the backup of 40% more servers
  • AWS cloud-native backup and restore now facilitates employee mobility and disaster recovery backups
  • Incremental backups can be carried out without the need to do a full second backup backups
  • Full backups can be completed in just 8 minutes, saving ~30 hours per month backups

“With Druva, all of our backups are visible in one dashboard. It allows us to see all 40 Windows server backups in a couple of seconds.”

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