Software Asset Management

What is Software Asset Management?

SAM (Software Asset Management) is a blanket term for the methods used to take control of the valuable assets that make up your organisation’s software licensing estate.

Under threat of a vendor audit?

Vendor audits can be expensive, disruptive and potentially damaging. Gartner estimate that 50% of organisations have been audited by at least one vendor in the past year.

When a vendor demands an audit, it is a legal obligation to comply. But how do you manage this engagement and ensure that any disruption is minimised?

The Softcat Software Asset Management team are ideally placed to help with the planning, support, and execution of such audits. We have extensive experience with all of the major vendors and will do our utmost to ensure that the whole process is as painless, non-disruptive and routine as possible. Furthermore, once the immediate threat has passed, we will work closely with your organisation and advise on an on-going SAM strategy to ensure your organisation’s licensing estate is in the best shape possible.

What does a vendor audit entail?

Our consultants gather information and data from a variety of sources including key IT and procurement stakeholders, existing vendor licence position information, licence contracts and vendor agreements. The analysis produces a picture of the current state of licensing management, liability and compliance risk for a vendor, allowing an appropriate audit program to be created.

Who are the Software Asset Management Team?

The Software Asset Management division at Softcat has grown to incorporate not only Software Asset Management best practices (SAM optimisation & process planning), Effective License Positions and licensing consultancy, but has also developed to include a number of other services that ultimately stem from Software Asset Management as a practise and a concept. We are a global unit with a combined 60 years’ licensing experience, and have performed audits for customers in over 30 countries worldwide.

Can only software be managed?

No. Our Software Asset Management team has developed close relationships with top-tier technology partners in order to provide first-rate hardware asset management solutions. Hardware and device management is one of the fastest-growing areas of the industry, and Softcat are able to offer both local and hosted (SaaS) hardware asset management to cover things such as device discovery, deployment, power management, back-up/restore, and mobile device management. 

We want to talk about the future. Can you help?

Absolutely. Software Asset Management is not a one-time exercise, rather a set of processes designed to effectively and efficiently manage your software and hardware estate on an on-going basis. Softcat are ideally positioned to act as trusted advisors to our customers, and are able to work with you to provide SAM Optimisation Assessments, quarterly/annual licence reviews, staff training and knowledge share, and ad hoc workshops to discuss anything to do with the future of your company and how that will impact you from a licensing and compliancy perspective. 

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