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Microsoft Accessibility

We have been focused on maintaining open conversations around disability and mental health, especially during the pandemic. That’s why we’ve put together a few short videos to guide you through the accessibility features available on common Microsoft applications.

Microsoft Accessibility Thumbnail   Welcome

Microsoft Accessibility - Welcome

Accessibility Matters

Brad and Hayley open up the conversation around Microsoft Accessibility and why it is so important.

Microsoft Accessibility Thumbnail   Windows 10

Microsoft Accessibility - Windows 10

Windows 10

In Episode 2, Brad and Hayley take a look into the features that help users with low vision, hearing loss and mobility disabilities to unlock the full benefits of their device.

Microsoft Accessibility Thumbnail   Word and Outlook

Microsoft Accessibility - Word and Outlook

Word and Outlook

For Episode 3, Brad and Hayley take a look into the features within Word and Outlook that ensures written text is accessible to everyone.

Microsoft Accessibility Thumbnail   PowerPoint


Learn more about the helpful features of PowerPoint, including auto captioning, Microsoft Translator and accessible design guides in Episode 4 of this series.

Microsoft Accessibility Thumbnail   Teams

Microsoft Accessibility - Teams


Collaboration is simple with Microsoft Teams. In Episode 5, Hayley and Brad dive into the features that enhance focus when meeting online.

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