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Explain IT: Season 7, Episode 4: Powering your SOC

On this edition of Explain IT we're discussing how to power your SOC. No, we're not talking super powered footwear. SOC stands for Security Operations Centre, and it’s where cyber experts battle threats posed against your data day and night.

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Season 7 Episode 4   Powering your SOC

We know security is a key part of any business, to protect your best kept secrets, and to keep third parties out of your information. But with a massive lack of Cyber Security skills in the market and the cost of Cybercrime skyrocketing year after year, how do we use technology to bridge the gap and keep our companies safe?

In today’s episode we’ll pull back the curtain with the help of our expert guests Josh Bates, Softcat’s technologist for Microsoft Security; Paul Solomon, Softcat’s Head of Cyber Security Services, and Emma Boughton, Security, Compliance and Identity Specialist at Microsoft. The podcast is hosted by Helen Gidney, Softcat’s Head of Architecture.

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