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Explain IT: Season 6, Episode 6: A customer for life, not just for Christmas!

'Customer focus', 'customer obsession' and 'customer first' should surely be at the front of every organisation, but are they?

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Season 6, Episode 6

Are we solely relying on technology to solve customer outcomes? Is it old fashioned to say that listening, understanding and being empathetic and solving challenges equally are more important than the tech we provide? This time, we tackle all these questions and much more on Explain I.T, where we talk tech in simple, jargon free language.

This podcast is hosted by Dean Gardner, Softcat’s Technology Director. Joining Dean are Softcat’s Head of Customer Experience, Amy Bain; and James Dukes, Head of Partner Services Sales - EMEAR at Cisco.

This episode was completed in partnership with Cisco, an organisation Softcat work very closely with on numerous projects. Cisco is a major player in the technology industry with a wide range of products and services that help connect people and businesses around the world. 

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