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Explain IT: Season 4, Episode 1 - 2021 Tech Predictions

We kick this season off by discussing the most exciting developments you can expect to see in the year to come

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Season 4 of Explain IT is now live! We're kicking this season off with a look at what's to come, with our 2021 Tech Predictions episode. It's a can't miss episode if you want to get ahead of the game and understand what will be heading your way over the next 12 months in the world of enterprise IT.

  • This year will see a focus shift to security outcomes rather than the technology itself. Tech needs to offer a defined outcome to drive down the complexity of managing different solutions.
  • 'Doing more with less’ is a common theme as organisations realise the restrictions of the economic downturn. ‘Best of breed’ vendors are recognising this and adjusting their offerings accordingly to capture a wider market.
  • Workforces will adopt a ‘hybrid by design’ workstyle. After the necessity of home-working, staff will combine the benefits realised from this style with on-site collaboration and connections. Security needs to be where the people are, not where the office is.
  • Automation and data-driven decision-making will play a key role in 2021. These processes will enable new workstreams to open up without an increase in headcount.
  • Cloud adoption will continue to accelerate. Containerless, serverless and as-a-service solutions will provide modern options to tie in with business processes.
  • With consumers’ buying habits changing, the opportunity for organisations to develop their digital channels increases. Data will be a key driver in supporting and automating digital channels.



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