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Intelligent Security. Everywhere.

Cybersecurity has failed to keep up because it fails to look ahead. As a focus partner, Softcat understands how BlackBerry intelligent security pairs artificial intelligence with machine learning to proactively protect your systems from cyber threats. It is a partnership that understands it’s time to protect, prevent and respond.

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A partnership dedicated to keeping our customers safe

With Softcat and BlackBerry our aim is simple. To keep you safe with Prevention-First Security and Implementation Services.

Signature-reliant solutions cannot keep pace with modern threats. Legacy solutions are a delayed reaction – with bloated layers and ever-growing system taxing updates that have become an enemy in themselves. AI-driven security is the path forward, and BlackBerry makes the transition painless.

The BlackBerry Cyber

Zero Trust Security with a Zero
Touch Experience

Secure and protect your users and devices, even BYOD laptops and smartphones, with a solution that’s focused on earning trust
across any endpoint and continuously
validating that trust at every event
or transaction.

BlackBerry Spark UEM

Equip your organization with the highest level of security, flexibility and simplicity.

Support your workforce productivity needs with the right combination of security, management tools and platform stability, whether your employees are working remotely on personal devices,
or in the office.

BlackBerry Professional Security Services

Protect Your Organization with Expert Cybersecurity Guidance

BlackBerry® Security Services consulting engagements enable clients to secure their mission-critical operations and manage their endpoints, workspaces, and identities within a Zero Touch, Zero Trust architecture. These consulting services do not require existing BlackBerry® software ownership.

BlackBerry Critical Event Management

Always protected.

In times of crisis, mobility and secure communications are essential. Our critical event management solutions are built on our trusted reputation of absolute reliability. We don’t
just keep communications safe - we keep people safe.

Find out how we can protect your systems from cyber threats.