VMware NSX and the world of software-defined networking

Posted on Thursday, March 10, 2016
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By Sam Routledge
Chief Technology Officer

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Working for Softcat has many, wonderful benefits. One clear advantage is our proximity to a fantastic local brewery, Rebellion, which is exactly one mile from our HQ. As well as Softcat, Marlow is also home to another fine technological export – Joe Baguley, VMware's EMEA CTO – who shares our love of Rebellion Beer. What better place, therefore, to discuss software-defined networking and VMware's NSX technology than a local pub, which serves the aforementioned beverage?

NSX virtualises functions of the network that have previously been delivered by hardware – enabling far granular policies and parameters that can be wrapped around individual virtual machines. This approach delivers agility through programmability of the network layer, as well as helping embed security throughout your network. Judging by the speed with which this business is growing, the opportunity for organisations to extract value from this technology is of the scale of that with server virtualisation ten years ago. Watch this Q&A I recorded with Joe to find out more.

VMWare NSX and the world of software-defined networking

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