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Softcat joins Microsoft Intelligence Security Association

We are proud to announce that Softcat has become a member of the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). This shows our commitment in investing our efforts to deliver new integrated Microsoft security solutions.


MISA is Microsoft's premiere security partner association comprised of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs), that have integrated their solutions with Microsoft's security products.

Paul Solomon, Head of Cyber Security Services at Softcat said: “I'm proud to share our membership into the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). This collaboration highlights our commitment to advanced security solutions and signifies a key milestone, strengthening our relationship with Microsoft and enhancing our cyber security offerings.”

Softcat’s collaboration with MISA demonstrates the value that has come from the investment in our Managed Sentinel Service, which helps to proactively defend organisations against threats and breaches. With this service, we leverage Microsoft Sentinel as the underlying platform, providing optimised design, cost optimisation, custom content creation and resource considerations. This is achieved by collecting data from cloud services, on-premises infrastructure, and endpoints. Our service utilises machine learning and other advanced techniques, to analyse and identify potential security threats.

The service encompasses features like threat hunting, security orchestration, automation and response, which are all aimed at promptly identifying and responding to security threats that may arise. The service is run from our UK based Security Operations Centre which is available 24/7, 365 days a year. We continuously monitor and manage the service, offering expert guidance and support to our customers.

As part of us joining MISA, we will continue to work closely with Microsoft and the wider group of association members to share insights and expertise, drive the creation and improvement of Softcat cyber services and contribute to best practices.

Parri Munsell, Senior Director - Security Marketing at Microsoft said: “I am pleased to have Softcat join us as a partner in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA). By including our strategic Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs) in MISA, we help enable further collaboration between cybersecurity industry leaders in protecting and supporting our joint customers.”