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Softcat announced as Sennheiser Partner of the Year 2018

Softcat announced as Sennheiser Partner of the Year 2018

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Softcat has been announced as ‘Sennheiser Partner of the Year’ for 2018. Presented with the award at the recent Nimans Elite conference in Croatia, this title recognises the strong partnership that has been forged over many years.

Delivering the best in audio through their headphones, microphones and all-round conferencing and audio solutions, Sennheiser and Softcat share a commitment to providing the highest quality products, and Softcat has seen significant growth in demand for Sennheiser equipment.

Tahir Hussain, Softcat’s collaboration business lead said, “Our partnership with Sennheiser means we can offer organisations the next level in sound quality. We are so proud to share their passion for excellence and delighted to have won this award that recognises our mutual vision.” 

Stephen Bailey, Sennheiser’s Senior Sales Manager for UK and Ireland. commended Softcat on their achievement saying, “Softcat has proven what can be achieved when considering a customer’s end to end communications experience, truly addressing their customers’ broader needs, demonstrating a higher level of understanding whilst delivering exceptional advice and service, continuing support long after delivery. The overall growth performance and continuing value-added service is what sets them apart and makes this award so well deserved”.

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Whether it’s meeting and conference solutions, office headsets or wireless sound systems, Sennheiser offers a range of products that lead the way in audio. Contact your Softcat account manager to find out more about how Sennheiser products can help you on the way to perfect sound.