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Softcat & Sophos Talk AWS

Softcat & Sophos AWS Webinar

Networking & security Cloud

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Did you know that AWS can help you achieve a stronger security posture? Softcat and Sophos are coming together to discuss all things AWS and how their partnership makes the cloud a safer place, all through AWS marketplace.  


  • What is the Softcat and AWS partnership?
  • How can customers utilise AWS and vendors such as Sophos, through Softcat?
  • What Sophos Solutions are available? And why do they partner closely with Softcat and AWS?
  • Learn how you can extend your Security Solution with Softcat & Sophos in AWS Marketplace

Guest Speakers:

  • Darren Sharpe  - AWS Marketplace Senior Channel Business Manager
  • Jon Hope - Senior Channel Sales Engineer

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Please click the button below to watch the webinar, and if you have any questions on the relationship between Softcat, Sophos and AWS, or anything else mentioned in the webinar, please don't hesitate to get in touch.