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New UK based cloud from Microsoft

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Mark Brooks

Microsoft Cloud Specialist

Last week, Microsoft announced that it was to become the first global provider to deliver complete cloud in the UK from their brand new UK data centres.

There has always been some level of uncertainty and a sense of uneasiness within some IT sectors as to how data laws are governed. Post the Brexit vote, this uncertainty around how data laws will be governed once we leave the EU is likely to increase – especially for companies using data centres outside the UK. Therefore, Microsoft's announcement should be very welcome to organisations across the UK and we are eager to let you know just what's on offer.

What does this news mean?

Microsoft Cloud in the UK now provides Azure and Office 365 from data centres within the UK, with Dynamics CRM Online to be included from 2017. Organisations are able to take full advantage of these Microsoft cloud services and enhance communication and security whilst storing their data within the UK. 

Is it good news?

Yes, for organisations wanting the local 'touch and feel' alongside the reassurance of an established, trusted global company, this should provide a really exciting opportunity to develop their cloud based presence. With multiple data centre locations across the UK, Microsoft are offering world-class reliability and performance combined with data residency, adhering to UK privacy laws. Financial and legal services as well as public sector organisations and those with sensitive asset data will especially benefit as Microsoft Cloud is FCA approved, meeting tight compliance and policy requirements.

This announcement may also encourage organisations to take their first step into the cloud and start using cloud based services with the reassurance of UK data storage solution, enabling them to increase their productivity through digital transformation.

How can I get involved?

Here at Softcat, we're very keen for our customers to stay at the forefront of innovation, making sure we let you know about the most appropriate tools and services to help you operate more efficiently and effectively. If you're interested in Microsoft's UK data centres, contact your Softcat account manager to discuss how these changes could help your organisation transition to the cloud. New customers will automatically be located to a data centre that is 'local' to them; data centres are currently based in London, Cardiff and Durham, with an expectation of a Scottish data centre coming on board soon. Existing customers are currently still being housed in the EU data centres, however plans are formulating to allow customers to move data to their local data centre at the click of a button. Watch this space for a release date...

Find out more

For more information about how Microsoft's UK data centres could help your organisation transition to the cloud, contact your Softcat account manager or get in touch using the form below.