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Microsoft Copilot for Security is generally available on 1st April 2024

Give your security teams the edge with Copilot for Security

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Josh Bates   Headshot

Josh Bates

Technologist - Microsoft Security

Microsoft has revealed that Microsoft Copilot for Security will be available on April 1 2024. Copilot for Security will give your security teams the edge, and enable them to speed up their response times and streamline their threat hunting. Based on the 'economic' study Microsoft conducted, Copilot for Security offers teams an impressive 22% operational boost and a 7% improvement in accuracy.

Everything you need to know about Copilot for Security

While there are no strict licensing pre-requisites or minimum seat quantities, it’s important to know that you’ll be able to leverage more Copilot capabilities if you’ve already implemented existing Microsoft Security products.

Microsoft has also introduced a provisioned pay-as-you-go licensing model for Copilot for Security via Azure. This flexible pricing approach ensures accessibility for a wider range of organisations, allowing them to scale usage and costs according to their needs and budget.

Security Copilot will be available on all agreement types including EA and CSP agreement types. For more information on this exciting announcement, check out Microsoft’s full blog here.

If you and your teams are ready to explore Microsoft Copilot for Security, please connect with your Softcat Account Manager or get in touch with our Sales team.