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Windows 10: Staying Evergreen

Windows 10: Staying Evergreen

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With the move to Windows 10 there's a big change in behaviour required to manage an evergreen operating system. Organisations with complex application estates are feeling the strain of application validation against new Windows 10 feature releases. Traditional application testing methods, delivered by engineers manually, can be slow and laborious as we need to ensure that business critical applications operate as intended on the target platform. This costs organisations both time and resource. With the move to the evergreen OS and the frequency required for this level of testing, organisations are going to need an easier, and more cost efficient, way to manage the process.

To help address this, Softcat has partnered with a market-leading application management house, Camwood, who has a fully automated application testing platform. This allows organisations to reallocate resource back to tasks that will drive innovation, rather than cycles of repetition.

This webinar addresses all of the above, and the content is outlined in the agenda below.


  • Cultural shift in IT: from projects to operations
  • What is Workspace-as-a-Service?
  • How we recommend you address the “Evergreen” challenge?
  • Benefits of adopting an As-A-Service approach for “Evergreen”
  • Our engagement process
  • Customer example
  • FAQs

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