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Explain IT: Season 4, Episode 3 - The next step in remote working

How can you take the experience of remote working to the next level?

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In the second episode of our Remote Working deep dive mini series, we're talking about how organisations can move beyond the basic model of remote working, and take the remote user experience to the next level. We explore not only the key technologies that can be used, but also the way in which leaders can demonstrate best practices in the way we work remotely, allowing for greater user freedoms, and accommodating different working patterns. Finally, we take a look at what remote/hybrid working could look like in the future.

  • Organisations had to move fast to provide a similar working experience for their workforce as they switched to remote working in 2020. There were unavoidable compromises on user experience and security which they have spent the year improving.
  • Now the focus needs to be on reinventing digital transformation processes to support hybrid working, not just trying to recreate what happened in the physical office space.
  • The pandemic has forced business leaders to rapidly increase the pace of modernisation. Protecting and enriching the business culture is important, moving towards looking at employee wellbeing and how technology can enhance knowledge share and interconnectedness.
  • Using data and analytics to identify trends can help drive efficiency and productivity, but it’s important to view trends, not individuals.
  • A-synchronicity has become a key tool – allowing people to collaborate and contribute in their own time.
  • ‘Hybrid by design’ is the future. It’s a journey, not a destination, with constant evolution and improvement.
  • Leadership is important, recognising the importance of input from people and focusing on creating a supportive and inclusive culture.



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