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Explain IT: Season 5, Episode 3 - What might the future of work look like?

What might the future of work look like?

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Podcast s5 e3

In this episode, we’re discussing the future of work. Over the last couple of years, employers and employees have become much more used to different kinds of work arrangements. In this episode we discuss the challenges and benefits of working from home, getting back to the office and a combination of remote and office working.

What works best for companies and their employees? How can technology make the transition easier? What are the key challenges that technology can help to resolve and how quickly can they happen? To discuss these questions and more, Dean Gardner, Softcat’s Field Chief Technology Officer is Soft joined by Adam Harding, Softcat’s Chief Technologist for Digital Workspace; Amy Bain, Sofcat's customer experience practice lead and Krizia Ceccobao the Viva lead at Microsoft.



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