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Varonis protects your data first, not last.

Varonis protects data where it lives. Their platform is purpose-built to look deeply inside and around data—and then automate its protection using patented, battle-hardened machine learning.

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Long standing partnership

Varonis is a pioneer in data security and analytics, specialising in software for data protection, threat detection and response, as well as compliance.

Over the course of 8 years, we have worked tirelessly in partnership with Varonis to bring industry-leading data protection solutions to more than 140 UK customers.


Together, we provide the enterprise-wide visibility needed for effective discovery, auditing and compliance reporting across a wide variety of regulatory standards.

Data Protection

Our easy-to-use dashboards identify where you’re at risk, quickly pinpointing exposed GDPR, stale data in Office 365 and risky Active Directory misconfigurations.

Threat detection and response

Varonis drastically reduces the time it takes to detect and respond to cyberattacks, due to the visibility provided from the combination of on-premises and cloud context.


Complete Office 365 security stack

  • Detect abnormal data access through Teams
  • Uncover sensitive data exposed via shared links
  • Identify risky Office 365 permission misconfigurations
  • Prevent brute-force attempts against Azure AD
  • Be alerted to suspicious Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive activity

“Superior customer service is just one of the reasons why we have partnered with Softcat in the UK for more than eight years. Navigating the rapidly changing field of cyber security can be a challenge for even the most experienced organisations -- having a partner that can help companies quickly realise the full value of their investment is crucial in today’s environment.”

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