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Evolving together to meet the cybersecurity challenges of tomorrow

Overcome a wide range of cyber security challenges thanks to the reliability, accessibility and quality of our partnership with Sophos, allowing us to support you every step of the way.

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Strong partnership

Working in partnership with Sophos we are able to help you realise and protect the full potential of your technology, while preventing financial and reputational damage caused by modern cyber threats.

Award-winning, next-generation cybersecurity products

Working seamlessly through Sophos Central, allowing you to view and respond to real-time threat health and IT security information.

Sophos In-house Managed Threat Response Team Or Rapid Response

Our 24/7 in-house incident response experts offer you complete control and transparency.

Award winning partnership

We hold the highest level of partner accreditation with Sophos, and are proud that our outstanding contribution has allowed us to be recognised as Enterprise Partner of the Year 2019 and Partner of the Year for the six consecutive years.

“Softcat’s implementation of Sophos’ portfolio is one of the strongest across EMEA, collaboratively invested in supporting customers on the adoption of Sophos’ technologies, maximising business value”

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