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Next-Gen Data Management

Softcat partners with Cohesity to provide a modern day solution to backup, file, ransomware and disaster recovery both on premises and within the cloud. Cohesity offer a strategic partnership working alongside HPE, Cisco, Pure and AWS with seamless integration.

Softcat + Cohesity

Long standing partnership

The deep partnership we have with Cohestity allows Softcat to provide a truly disruptive and innovative vendor solution, wrapped around with great customer experience on the best commercial terms.

Cohesity Premier Partner

Softcat are a top tier strategic partner and former winner of our EMEA partner of the Year award.

End to End Solution Delivery

Softcat have trained their Sales teams, Data centre specialists, Technical Design and Deployment teams to ensure they can offer a full end to service alongside Cohesity.

OEM Partnership

Cohesity is financially backed and OEM partnered with Softcat’s top strategic vendors. HPE, Cisco, Pure and AWS are all available platforms to run the Cohesity platform.

“We value our partnership with Softcat to help customers solve mass data fragmentation challenges, with Cohesity’s multi cloud data platform that radically simplifies the way companies protect, manage, and derive value from their data. Their focus on customer service and expertise in the data centre has earned them a reputation as a true trusted advisor in the U.K. market.”

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