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End-to-end voice and collaboration for the new flexible working world

Our position as an 8x8 Platinum Partner allows us to deploy the X Series Communications Platform, meeting the needs of tomorrow’s modern workplace, today.

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Enterprise Voice Solutions for Microsoft Teams

8x8 Voice for Microsoft Teams enables businesses to unify their employee and customer communications within Microsoft Teams, creating a formidable global voice solution and enabling smarter, more efficient collaboration.

The customisable, scalable 8x8 Communications Platform accelerates the digital transformation of your workplace by empowering employees to operate from anywhere.


World-class customer engagement

In today’s world instant services are a top priority for customers. 8x8’s X Series Communications Platform is here to help your contact centre agents offer faster, more relevant support, while ensuring data usage compliance.

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Tailored communications solution

Our expert team is on hand to help tailor 8x8’s X Series Communications Platform to the specific needs of your business. Working to bring voice calls, video meetings, contact centres and advanced analytics together on an integrated, customisable, mobile-friendly platform.

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Managing your move to the cloud

Cloud communications should make managing your business easy. By taking the time to truly understand what you need we’re able to properly leverage the expertise of 8x8, making your shift to the cloud a breeze and ensuring the future success of your business.

“As one of our top Platinum partners, Softcat has successfully built trusted, long-term relationships with its clients as it helps guide them on their digital transformation journey. By working closely together, Softcat and 8x8 are helping these organisations move away from legacy systems to the cloud, and reimagine how communications, collaboration and customer engagement is conducted.”


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