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Six key reasons why many organisations are not ready for AI adoption: a summary

Bringing together the insights from our blog series, we round up what the barriers are to AI adoption

Technology adoption

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Arran Speding

AI Specialist Lead

The journey to AI adoption in business is challenging yet holds opportunity for groundbreaking revolution. This path involves addressing crucial factors such as robust data management, advanced infrastructure, skilled expertise, effective change management, informed leadership, and sound financial planning. These barriers do not necessarily undermine the transformative potential of AI; rather, they underscore the necessity for a more strategic and informed approach in embracing AI within businesses.

Successful AI integration transcends technological readiness, requiring a significant shift in mindset and strategy. The businesses that adeptly tackle these challenges will be best positioned to leverage AI’s transformative power, gaining a competitive edge in their operations. The road is complex and demands adaptability, but the rewards are significant for the well prepared.

Six key reasons why many organisations aren't ready to adopt AI


The lack of robust, quality data management is one reason why organisations aren't ready to adopt AI


The lack of essential infrastructure is prohibiting many organisations from adopting AI

Expertise Gap

Is the expertise gap or a lack of technical skills the reason why your organisation isn’t ready to adopt AI?

Resistance to change

Is the resistance to change holding your organisation back from adopting AI?

Awareness in Leadership

AI literacy amongst leadership is critical for organisations that want to adopt AI - understanding not only AI's potential, but also it's limitations

Financial Investment

What investments do your organisation need to make to adopt AI

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