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Promoting a unified platform approach to cyber security at Digital Health Rewired

Softcat and Trend Micro join forces to present a more powerful security solution offering for the UK Health and Care sector.


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The past 12 months have been tough for the UK’s healthcare sector. Efforts to clear COVID-era backlogs were further frustrated by periodic ransomware attacks, disrupting services and exposing sensitive data.

Against this backdrop, Trend Micro and Softcat will be exhibiting at the upcoming Digital Health Rewired conference in Birmingham, from Tuesday 12 to Wednesday 13 March. Our message is simple: with the correct strategic approach and a centralised platform, there’s a clear pathway for healthcare organisations to reduce risk and boost their cyber resilience.  

Healthcare organisations under pressure

The healthcare sector has increasingly become a target for financially motivated threat actors. In fact, our data reveals that the sector was the third most impacted in terms of malicious files in 2021 and 2022, surpassed by only manufacturing and government. Bad actors are drawn by the large volumes of personal, medical and – in some cases – financial data that healthcare organisations store. They see opportunities everywhere, they encounter a large and complex attack surface—which could range from unpatched Operational Technology (OT) systems to insecure home-working devices, and extensive supply chains.

There’s an obvious financial and reputational cost to healthcare data breaches as well as operational disruption, but recent research reveals it could also be costing lives.

Smarter, more secure healthcare

UK healthcare organisations desperately need more digital technologies to improve the patient experience, lower costs and take the pressure off stretched clinical teams. But such investments also threaten to expand their attack surface and create more opportunities for threat actors.

We’ll be joining the debate at Digital Health Rewired in March to make the case for simpler, but more powerful security, delivered from a single, centralised platform. We believe this will help to reduce the coverage gaps and complexity, associated with point solutions. It will also save costs on unnecessary software licenses, and reduce the management burden on stretched IT teams. Softcat and Trend Micro can turn this vision into reality with our deep product and domain expertise.

Digital is the future of healthcare. But to make it a future where healthcare and not hackers prosper, we need to build in security from the start.

Join us at Digital Health Rewired to find out more!

Where: NEC Birmingham, Stand G62

When: Tuesday 12 to Wednesday 13 March 2024