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Maximising productivity and mobility with Samsung's Connected Galaxy Ecosystem

Designed with light yet durable hardware, Samsung’s new line up of Galaxy Book3 computing devices form part of a seamlessly connected ecosystem that enables users to work anywhere, uninterrupted — delivering true business mobility.


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Laura Derry

Laura Derry

Digital Workspace Alliance Executive

We welcomed Samsung to our Kick Off 2023 event last month and Softcat staff got the lowdown on the new Galaxy Book3 devices. Here's the juicy details...


The Samsung Galaxy Book3 Series features a 13th Generation Core Processor certified by the Intel® Evo™ Platform to push the boundaries for the most demanding tasks, from writing documents to browsing the web and multitasking back and forth between apps. It is 9% faster than the 12th Gen’ processor.

Built to include the ultimate graphics card, the NVIDIA RTX4070 (i9)/ 4050 (i7), means these devicesy can handle ultra-quick processing, real-time video editing and complex graphics with ease.

The 16” WQXGA+ Display creates a larger and more expansive viewing experience with more vertical screen space to view more content at once and 3K high resolution for more detail. And Additionally, the 120Hz refresh rate makes scrolling web pages and emails super smooth.


Samsung has created its Galaxy Book3 series with mobility and portability at the core. Light and ultra-thin with long battery life and Wi-Fi 6E connectivity, the Galaxy Book3 series is perfectly suited to a hybrid workforce.

The compact USB-C charger is also compatible with Galaxy smartphones and other devices, meaning there’s less to carry when on the move. Durable hardware can withstand knocks, scrapes and bumps, while specially designed microphones and cameras make video calling easier than ever.


Multiple input ports such as USB-C and Thunderbolt 4 helps users connect with existing business infrastructure, and super-fast connectivity with Wi-Fi 6E offers ultra-fast transfer speeds. They’ll also be able to
keep going for longer with a powerful all-day battery.

The Samsung Galaxy connected experience, with Phone Link, allows users to work seamlessly between all their Samsung Galaxy devices. They can use the Galaxy Book’s mouse and keyboard on their tablet or phone, and easily copy and paste text and images between Samsung devices. The Galaxy tablet can also become a second screen with auto connect, giving users the ultimate productivity wherever they are.

There’s also the ability to share documents quickly and securely between devices with quick share and private share; and ensure they are always connected with access to all their Galaxy apps with a single log in.

Intel vPRO and Microsoft Secured-Core PC technology is also available on select devices to provide the highest level of PC security available.

Eco - concious materials

The Galaxy Book Series is designed with sustainability in mind.

  • Recycled materials - made with plastic recycled from discarded fishing nets¹ and discarded water bottles².

  • Enhanced energy efficiency - employed circuits designed to prevent the energy loss of the display as well as SOC (System on a Chip).

  • UL Certified Display - display that attained UL's GREENGUARD Gold Certification

  • Durability - certified to MIL-STD 810G standards. In addition, the body of the devices are made of durable aluminium to extend the life of the product.

If you'd like to talk to us about Samsung devices for your team or organisation, please get in touch with your Account Manager or our Softcat Sales team.

1) Recycled plastic(polyamide) containing 20% content recycled from discarded fishing nets
2) Recycled plastic(polycarbonate) containing 20% content recycled from discarded water bottles