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How can Softcat’s SaaS Managed Service help your organisation?

How is Shadow IT affecting your organisation, and how can Softcat support with our SaaS Managed Service?

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Nathan Adlard

Nathan Adlard

Service Development Programme Manager

In the rapidly evolving landscape of IT, managing Software as a Service (SaaS) applications can be challenging. Shadow IT (the use of unauthorised apps and services within an organisation) often adds complexity to this challenge. A 2020 CORE research report found that Shadow IT usage has increased by 59% since organisations widely embraced remote working, with 54% of IT teams describing their organisations as “significantly more at risk of a data breach” due to this surge.

Unmasking Shadow IT

Shadow IT refers to the use of unauthorised apps or services within an organisation, without the explicit approval or knowledge of the IT department. It can lead to security risks, increased costs, and operational inefficiencies. In fact, 80% of employees adopt SaaS applications without IT approval, exposing their corporate network to a myriad of security threats and vulnerabilities.

The increase of cloud-based solutions has given rise to a surge in SaaS subscriptions. While these applications enhance productivity, the accumulation of duplicate subscriptions and the challenges of managing them efficiently can pose significant issues and threats to organisations.

Softcat’s SaaS Managed Service

Recognising the complexities that comes with SaaS management, Softcat has introduce a SaaS Managed Service. This service is a holistic solution where we take the reins of managing SaaS landscapes for customers. Softcat do this by:

- Providing valuable insights during monthly workshops

- Keeping customers informed and up to date on their SaaS landscape

- And highlighting key reports, such as spend, forecasting, unused licenses and more.

Softcat’s SaaS Managed Service ensures that customers' SaaS environments are efficiently managed, reducing the burden on internal IT teams, giving them time to focus on their day-to-day tasks and future proofing the IT infrastructure.

In the ever-expanding world of SaaS, understanding and managing subscriptions is crucial for businesses. Softcat has been helping our customers to understand and assess their SaaS and usage. We can advise on your license usage, any cost saving through license optimisations, and assist with any renewals ensuring you remain compliant throughout the process. To find out more about our managed SaaS Service, please contact your Account Manager or our Sales team for more information.