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Delivering on Digital Experience Management

How Softcat is helping customers deliver excellent digital experiences through our new Digital Employee Experience Managed Service

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Digital Experience Management technologies are taking the workspace world by storm. 95% of IT decision makers say delivering a seamless Digital Employee Experience (DEX) is important to their organisation to remain competitive, and many will be investing heavily in this area over the next five years.

The challenges organisations face

Now more than ever, employees have high expectations when it comes to how their technology experience effects their engagement during the workday. This is particularly prevalent amongst millennials and Gen Z   - a seamless digital experience is ranked much higher than areas such as office facilities or cultural activities in what motivates these employees to work effectively. The harsh truth for organisations is that by failing to deliver a great digital experience, employees will be unhappy, unmotivated, and potentially look to move on, with retention taking a hit.

The challenge for organisations is that they are dealing with these increased expectations of technology working seamlessly, first time, under a cloud of budget constraints, lack of tools to measure change and impact, and a lack of internal skills to deliver this.

What is Softcat’s DEX Managed Service?

Softcat has already been helping our customers drive change in digital experience for their employees through our Managed Device Lifecycle Service (MDL). Now, DEX provides key insights on employee digital experience, on a consistent basis, allowing customers to make informed IT decisions. Device and application performance, network reliability and users’ digital experience are all captured in this powerful platform to help customers drive impactful change, proactively resolve issues, and dramatically improve productivity for their users. Our DEX Managed Service is powered by Aternity, a software tool that is deployed across customers’ computers through an agent, that will monitor the devices and feedback all the information to an online portal. From there, our DEX analyst will analyse the data and provide reports and insights to the customer.

Delivering Softcat’s DEX Managed Service with Aternity

With Softcat’s DEX Managed Service, powered by Aternity, we track the faults that occur across your IT applications. We then present these findings back to the relevant teams within your organisation during a quarterly workshop with recommendations and remedial suggestions. Our service helps keep your IT team better informed, whilst proactively fixing the root cause. We’ve also found that companies using DEX have reduced their incidents reported monthly by 150+, freeing up IT staff time to focus on other tasks and improvements.

Our DEX Managed Service, powered by Riverbed’s Alluvio Aternity DEM solution, is also able to support customers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. By monitoring devices, the Alluvio Aternity platform can report on devices that aren’t shutdown appropriately and provide recommendations to save on energy.

The flip side of procuring and delivering a DEX solution is to understand and measure actual digital employee experience – this ranges from device health to network issues, to understanding in application performance for your IT users. Implementation of all the available tech is just the first step...You also need the skills and resource behind this to measure, report and produce actionable change. Any DEX implementation also needs to ideally integrate with your existing service management and other tools, which is no small feat.

Softcat has been helping our customers to understand and assess the DEX market. We can advise on what’s out there and which technologies are the most appropriate fit for your organisation. We can help plan and implement, and we can even offer our DEX Service to manage this area on your behalf and recommend actions to deliver impactful and measurable change. To find out more about DEX, click here. You can also contact your Softcat Account Manager for more information.