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The agenda has been announced for the Big Cyber Summit 2024

Business leaders, security enthusiasts and professionals, mark your calendars for Wednesday 1st May 2024 and join us at The Big Cyber Summit at Kings Place in London.


Kieron Newsham

Kieron Newsham

Chief Technologist - Cyber Security

This will be a landmark event, offering a deep dive into the latest cyber security trends, challenges and innovations, and we’re excited to announce that the agenda is now live!

The Big Cyber Summit 2024 aims to be a space in which you can learn about the latest updates across cyber security, meet your industry peers, share learnings, and gain insights from subject matter experts within your sector’s, verticals, and technology vendors.

We will be kick starting with a talk on resilience in cyber security – our overall theme for the day. Then follows a series of keynotes highlighting four key challenges and how we can apply the moniker of resilience to all of them. These exciting sessions will include a keynote hosted by Microsoft, discussing the impact the new age of digital transformation will have on cyber security. We will then be joined on stage by some of Softcat’s most esteemed leaders on a panel that will address the dynamic field of Governance, Risk and Compliance, exploring how we can reframe these areas as enablers of innovation.

Following the morning sessions the doors will open to The Big Cyber Exhibition, giving you the chance to get up close and personal to some of the best cyber security vendors in the industry, over a spot of lunch.

In the afternoon, the focus shifts to operational challenges and on-the-ground responses to cyber threats. Cisco Systems will tackle the pressure associated with security workloads, while Palo Alto Networks will share insights on current threats and cyber intelligence. The day will progress with the grand opening of the breakout talk tracks, which have been purposefully tailored towards leadership, engineering, and security operations professionals, enabling you to further network with your direct peers and share learnings on your approach to security.

And if that’s not enough, there will also be breakout sessions on proactive security operations, the transition to Security Services Edge and the impact of regulatory changes on the Public Sector. The day will then conclude with interactive discussions on incident response in cloud versus traditional infrastructure, the importance of neurodiversity in cyber security, and the role of GenAI in security operations, as well as how cyber security is moving closer to business-level risk within Enterprises.

It's a day you won’t want to miss, we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

To view the full agenda and secure your place at The Big Cyber Summit, click here.