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Windows Autopilot

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Windows Autopilot is a cloud-based technology that provisions and configures devices ready for end user use. Here at Softcat, we understand that organisations struggle to keep on top of updates across deployed technologies, which is where Windows Autopilot helps to support the day-to-day task of imaging devices. We manage this end to end solution from the initial purchase of the device right until the final deployment, meaning your IT team can invest their time and budget elsewhere.

Our Autopilot solution


Windows Autopilot decreases the overall costs for deploying, managing and retiring devices by reducing the amount of time that IT needs to spend on these processes.


Device restrictions managed with Windows Autopilot let you control a wide range of settings and features that are managed across a range of categories such as: Security, Browser, Hardware and Data sharing settings.


Our solution allows you to easily roll out new configuration across your managed estate such as: Certificates, VPN profiles, Wi-Fi profiles and much more.

Our service includes

Windows 10 Hardware offering

Windows 10 is a vital element that is required for a Windows Autopilot enrolement. Our tailored solution helps you get the best Windows 10 device for your organisation, providing support and advice for your deployment journey.

Softcat for CSP

For Windows Autopilot to work successfully within our organisations estate it is important that you have the correct agreement type along with the correct products. We suggest a CSP agreement which gives your organisation the ability to choose a support service of products, including Office 365, EMS and Azure, that meets your requirements as well as your budget. Being a Softcat CSP customer makes for a simple and seamless deployment from end-to-end and creates an easy way for you to manage it.

Additional Services

Our dedicated team provides additional services that are bolted on to the Windows Autopilot solution to help improve a deployment project. We will advise on the best services for your organisation, including using Windows Autopilot with white glove deployment to pre-provision a Windows 10 device so that it is fully configured and business-ready for end users. We also offer additional services such as bonded stock and asset tagging if your organisation is not ready to receive the new devices. Get in touch with your account manager for a deeper discussion about the range of bolt-on services we offer.

Why Softcat for Autopilot?

We have built an in-house solution to support your organisation with their deployment journey. Our Microsoft team works very closely with both the Logistics and DaaS team to ensure all elements of the deployment puzzle, piece together. Additionally, a benefit of being one of of our CSP customers means you get 24/7 support to ensure your Autopilot journey is as seamless as possible. Get in touch with your Account Manager today to find out more about Windows Autopilot and how it is the best solution for deployment in your organisation.

  • Keep up to date with ever changing technologoies
  • Autopilot creates and out-of-box experience for users
  • Reduced costs
  • Cuts down on deployment time
  • Manage all your devices in one place
  • Pre-configure policies and ensure security with enrolement status

Find out how you can empower your business with Softcat.