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Explain IT: Season 1, Episode 1 - Ransomeware

What it is, why you should care about it and how an organisation might protect themselves against it?

Networking & Security

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In this episode host Michael Bird is joined by Matt Helling, Softcat's Head of Security Sales, and Adam Louca, Softcat's Chief Technologist for Security, to look at a hot topic in IT security news: ransomware. We provide a brief history - how it began with posting cheques to Panama - to its current state today. We also explore the ways ransomware can catch you by bypassing your regular IT security, when you least expect it, particularly when it plays on emotional vulnerabilities. We also offer some ransomware protection suggestions, ways to ensure safe ransomware removal, and how planning ahead is important for network security.

  • Have a business continuity plan - ensure you're prepared for the worst case scenarios
  • Education and awareness are the best forms of preparation
  • Ransomware has got a lot more sophisticated, it all began in 1989 with posting cheques to Panama
  • The ransomware market is currently worth $5 billion
  • The people behind ransomware attacks are mostly either governments trying to disrupt or criminals trying to extort money
  • Crypto jacking, rather than locking you out of your systems, is becoming more popular as it's inherently less risky



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