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Explain IT: Season 3, Episode 5 - Looking Beyond Coronavirus

What are the lasting impacts of the global pandemic on IT infrastructure and the way we work?

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In this episode we look at the impact that Covid-19 has had on industry and how tech has played a part in keeping workforces operating. We also discuss how long-lasting these adaptations might be, and what the future might look like, post-Covid. Joining host Zac Abbott is Dean Gardner, Softcat’s chief technologist for cloud technology, and Adam Harding, Softcat’s chief technologist for modern workspace.

  • All industries have been impacted, and will continue to be. We’re seeing how technology underpins a lot of services and the importance of having effective and robust systems.
  • The new ways of working that workforces have adopted will almost certainly become part of organisations’ day to day tools – video calling, remotely collaborating and a higher level of communication will be the norm once we return to the workplace.
  • It is imperative that organisations are aware of retaining their unique culture, focussing on retaining customers and staff whilst a ‘new normal’ is created through lockdown and beyond.
  • We think that post-Covid, more emphasis will be placed on people and their situations. This pandemic has shone a light on the other priorities in people’s lives, and workplaces may well become more empathetic by facilitating a range of working practices.
  • Covid-19 has given organisations an opportunity to take a step back and look at processes; where they’re spending money, how they’re using tech and their priorities, with a view to making them more efficient for the future.
  • This virus has forced many organisations to have a digital review, and put in place infrastructure that will enable their staff to work from home and support their existing systems, now and into the future



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