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Explain IT: Season 3, Episode 3 - SOAR Technology

The power of Security Automation

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In this episode we look at SOAR technology; what it is and how it can help us automate security processes, releasing the security teams from purely reactive tasks to more proactive, valuable work. We also look to the future and how SOAR technology might integrate and make a lot of functions more intelligent. Host Zac Abbott is joined by Softcat’s chief technologist for cybersecurity, Adam Louca and Matt Rhodes, senior channel manager for Cortex XSOAR.

  • SOAR stands for Security, Orchestration, Automation and Response.
  • SOAR technology is used to automate certain repeatable tasks within your IT security infrastructure. 
  • SOAR technology is reliable and fast. Using automation, it takes care of the small, repetitive tasks to allow your security operations centre or security analysts to get on with high value activities, increasing your rate of staff retention.
  • Removing manual processes reduces response times from hours to minutes. This significantly reduces the risk to your business.
  • Automation will increase, year over year, so SOAR is helping organisations with building it into their security systems initially.
  • This technology has given us a platform to build from – it will increasingly be used across a number of other functions that can be automated, using AI and machine learning.



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