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Explain IT: Season 2, Episode 10 - Multi-Cloud

What is Multi-cloud?

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In this episode we talk about multi-cloud – what it is, when it’s going to get here, and how it might affect organisations. Our experts also debunk some myths around multi-cloud – host Michael Bird is joined by Softcat’s Chief Technologist for data and emerging technology, Craig Lodzinski, Dean Gardner, Softcat’s Chief Technologist for cloud as Jaspreet Singh, founder and CEO of cloud data protection and management software company Druva.

  • Multi-cloud is the use of a number of different cloud storage services in a single IT architecture.
  • Multi-cloud is not an option – it will happen to every organisation as their IT environments grow. The key is to prepare adequately for it.
  • Architecting specifically for multi-cloud is important. Separating your data and applications gives flexibility and the ability to be agile and use the cloud to its fullest potential.
  • There is a vital training piece to upskill your IT teams to understand and get the best out of a multi-cloud environment. Microsoft, Amazon and Google have developed excellent training material and built frameworks that you can adopt.
  • Moving to multi-cloud will require taking a new approach. You’ll very likely leave your legacy and need to re-think about the skills, software and applications you need in the new multi-cloud to support your workloads.
  • Every multi-cloud deployment will look different depending on your organisation, what your business objectives are and what your IT estate looks like. It is important to truly understand security, operations, cost, billing and data architecture for a seamless transformation.



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