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Making your organisation more resilient with Mimecast

As Mimecast’s ‘Partner of the Year’ for the last 13 years, our dedicated team is best placed to help you choose the right solution to make your organisation more secure.

Email attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Mitigating the risk of Business Email Compromise (BEC), domain spoofing, supply chain impersonation and phishing requires a pervasive security strategy, let us help you design that strategy with Mimecast.


Keep Email Safe

The most advanced email security solution to eliminate phishing, ransomware and impersonation attacks.

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Protect Your Brand

DMARC protection to stop direct domain spoofing and supply chain impersonation attacks.


Protect Your Data

Reduce the complexities of storing and restoring data for resiliency and compliance.

“Mimecast and Softcat’s relationship goes back to when we were founded in 2003. Since then we have built a simply fantastic relationship focused on winning new customers and strengthened every year by outstanding customer care, unrivaled customer success and Softcat delivering world class customer retention rates.”

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