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Windows 10 Technical Webinar Series

Windows 10 Technical Webinar Series

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Your Journey to Windows 10

Are you about to start or currently planning to deploy Windows 10 for your organisation? Our Windows 10 Technical Advisory webinars are the perfect starting place where you will hear from our experienced team of specialists as they discuss key stages of delivering Windows 10.

Session 1: What's new with Windows 10

An overview of what's new in Windows 10, including; Windows 10 edition differences, Windows-as-a-Service (Windows 10 update and servicing model), Modern Management methodologies, AutoPilot, Microsoft Store for Business, Windows Analytics, Windows Hello for Business and Advanced Security Features. 


Session 2: Windows 10 Migration Readiness

Session to discuss Softcat’s recommended approaches to Windows 10 migrations and Windows 10 readiness, including; Application Readiness, Infrastructure Readiness (on-premises and cloud) & Imaging/Provisioning.


Session 3: VDI, User-Profiles and User-Data with Windows 10 

Key considerations and recommendations when Windows 10 is delivered via VDI, including; VDI environment readiness, Windows 10 VDI image optimisation. This session will also cover the key considerations and recommendations for migrating user-profiles and user-data to Windows 10.

Start Your Windows 10 Journey

Softcat will help you transform your technology and make sure your journey to Windows 10 is one of opportunity and growth. If you're ready to embark on the Windows 10 journey, get in touch using the form below or speak with your Softcat account manager.