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What ADCs can do for your security

What ADCs can do for your security

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In our previous blog on Zero Trust Network Security we mentioned Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs). ADCs are often an underutilised part of an organisation's datacentre because they are deployed for a single remote access or load balancing function. In our experience, this can lead customers to see them as expensive compared to their typically utilised functionality.

In this short video our Chief Security Technologist, Adam Louca, explains how to use ADCs to their full potential when combined with Softcat's Zero Trust security model – if you didn't catch this video already, watch it here!

Watch the video below to explore:

  • How ADCs can provide a unified presentation for your applications regardless of their delivery location.
  • How a unified presentation layer can improve your ability to control access to applications at the network level.
  • Improvements to certificate management by centralising all encrypted traffic to a single location
  • Improvements in deep packet inspection that are achieved by performing encryption and decryption at this layer.

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