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Softcat lines its nest with Microsoft Gold Messaging Competency

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Softcat has steadily lined its Microsoft nest with various competencies. The latest feather in its cap is the Microsoft Gold Messaging competency, awarded as a result of two years of training, four dedicated Microsoft messaging staff and multiple customer recommendations.

The competency serves as a mark of Softcat’s excellence with Microsoft’s messaging technologies, both on-premise and in the cloud. Softcat customers have access to four highly trained specialist Microsoft messaging consultants. Crucially, the competency gives Softcat access to Microsoft’s deployment planning services (free to customers on certain licensing agreements), so it can help to plan and design customers’ messaging environments.

“This third gold competency sends a strong message to our customers,” said Sam Routledge, Softcat’s solutions director. “We’re one of a few resellers who have achieved this many competencies with Microsoft, and it’s a mark of our commitment to service excellence exactly how much effort we’re prepared to invest in training up our staff and delivering excellence across the board.”

It’s been a strong year for Softcat’s relationship with Microsoft; earlier this summer Softcat won the Microsoft worldwide SAM partner of the year award for the first time due to its strong sales performance, promoting it to the global stage.

Routledge ties the two together: “We have a fundamental belief that software asset management (SAM) is about more than just compliance – it’s about helping our customers to get the most out of their software. Being in a position to help customers to deploy and use what they’ve already paid for is a really important part of our SAM offering.”

With Exchange 2003 reaching end of life last year, and with Office 365 growing in popularity, now is the time to talk to the recognised messaging experts about the right solution for your business. Ask Softcat today about our Office 365 Readiness assessment on 01628 403 403 or email