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Reduce risk with Zero Trust Network Security

Reduce risk with Zero Trust Network Security

Networking & security

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"If you can't reach a server, you can't hack it." That is the message from our Chief Technologist, Adam Louca.

Network segmentation is a powerful tool in reducing the impact of compromised devices. The first step to creating greater segmentation requires you to be able to visualise and model different types of threats. Softcat has broken this all down in a video that shows how your IT environment fits together and which parts are protected by different security layers. It makes a complex and disparate environment easy to understand.

Watch the video below to find out how a Zero Trust Security architecture can cut the risk and exposure of a potential breach down from 100% to almost single figures.

Want to watch more? Keep your eyes on our blog and social media for the next video, 'What ADCs can do for your security'!

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