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Microsoft has confirmed that a Custom Support Agreement covering Hotfixes for XP support has been signed by the Crown Office covering UK public Sector.

What does this mean?

All customers wishing to access XP hotfixes for a 12 month period must have a level of Premier support in place. Microsoft strongly recommend that a ‘needs assessment’ is conducted to ensure you have adequate support in place to migrate successfully during this period. However for those customers without a Premier agreement, to help facilitate ease of access to the agreement, Microsoft have created a Premier ‘Basic Crown’ contract.

What is the Crown offering?

  • Allows non Premier customers to quickly access the UK Crown CSA
  • A one off concession by Premier to reduce the entry level contract
  • A ‘light’ model of Premier – we recommend that a full needs assessment should be carried out during or before the contract
  • Customers are expected to purchase ‘Crown Foundation’ level support if hours are fully utilised
  • Hotfix support on a reactive basis only (no onsite support)

What is isn’t?

  • Does not allow customers access to Proactive or Dedicated Support Engineer activity
  • Provide for on site management by a Technical Account Manager
  • A Premier offering that can be replicated outside of the Crown CSA agreement
  • Customers cannot add further proactive hours to Crown offering

How do customers purchase it?

  • Purchase through your nominated partner at the fixed costs, purely to assist with transacting. Microsoft will be providing the support
  • Or Purchase directly through Microsoft.

If you require more details please contact