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How to increase employee productivity whilst remaining competitive with SD-WAN

SDWAN increasing productivity and staying competitive


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Join us for the first webinar of the series where we dive a little deeper and discuss how ‘taking the chains off’ your WAN can unleash the power of change within your business today and position you for what the future may bring!

Productivity is crucial to all businesses, standing still isn’t an option and making productivity gains is a never-ending quest for all managers of people and processes. We all know this, it was in the small print when we signed up and yet improving user experience and achieving the resulting gains in productivity is still getting increasingly harder. Remaining competitive can only be achieved by being productive, this was a challenge in a normal economy, never-mind what we have had to deal with in 2020.

So, how can taking control of our WAN remove some of the issues; enable a new way to work and help drive a more engaged and productive workforce? Join us and Citrix to find out how.


  • Introduction of the first of three Softcat services
  • What conditions are affecting the market
  • New challenges in a new era of working
  • How can Citrix SDWAN help?
  • Visibility and control are everything
  • Summary & Q&A


Kaushik Roy – Solutions Architect, Softcat

Ben Wheatley – SD-WAN specialist (Networking), Citrix

Paul Hermsen – Senior Systems Engineer (Networking), Citrix