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Cisco and Software: Returning to their roots

Cisco and Software: Returning to their roots

Networking & security

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Ellie Dugdale

Cisco Software Lifecycle Business Manager

Cisco is well known for their legendary hardware, providing networking, security, datacentre and collaboration solutions. But more recently they've recognised a need to go back to their software roots and focus again on these solutions.

Cisco's Focus on Software

Networks are having to become increasingly agile and mobile due to the huge rise in the number of devices connecting to them, however, with this growing complexity comes greater security risks. By 2020, 63 million new devices will be online every second, and these devices will need a secure architecture in which to operate. Software gives us this agility, with updates and new versions providing access to the most current systems of support.

Cisco has recognised the need for secure networks and is focusing on supporting the growing demand of IoT devices. Software is changing the way Cisco operates; they have introduced different buying models and new products to support the changes that organisations are needing to make, as well as new offerings such as Cisco One and Enterprise Agreements. Here at Softcat we team up with many leading software providers and understand the important role it plays in running an effective and productive organisation. We can see that there is a need to become more software-focused and Cisco is emerging as a leader in these new and efficient software solutions. We are one of Cisco’s largest partners, and we have a dedicated team of Cisco software lifecycle specialists who work closely with Cisco to understand the details of Cisco’s licensing models to make sure that software supports your organisation, now and into the future.


All Things Software with Softcat and Cisco

Kevin Rama, our Cisco Alliances Manager, Ellie Dugdale, our Cisco Software Business Manager, and Jim Chapman-Leach, one of our Technical Architects, teamed up with Justin Woolen from Cisco to chat about what we are experiencing as a leading Cisco partner in software.

This podcast looks at the changing face of Cisco and delves into some of the changes we are making here at Softcat, particularly regarding a Customer Success Practice, to become more software-focused and the benefits that we can already see/are hoping to see. We look at some of the obstacles we are facing, such as ensuring customers understand the business impact Cisco software can have, and talk about how we plan to tackle them with our new Customer Success Practice. And we also look at Cisco’s latest acquisition of AppDynamics, an analytical software solution that looks at the health of your applications and websites, as well as giving you a little insight to some of the new Cisco products that we are most excited about.

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If you’d like to find out how Cisco software can help your organisation improve its digital operations, please get in touch with your Softcat account manager, or send us a button using the link below.