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Aligning GDPR requirements to today's hybrid-cloud realities

Aligning GDPR requirements to today's hybrid-cloud realities

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Lucy Fitton-Hayward

Marketing Executive

With nearly 365 days since the inception of GDPR, organisations have been watching to see how the mandate will impact the market. The large fines and reputational damages we all believed would be the affect of GDPR, have not yet become reality. However, what has come with the implementation of GDPR is the ability for organisations to create best practice strategy of data protection.

Watch Slam Laqtib from Thales as he talks about how organisations are aligning their GDPR strategy to everyday data protection, which occurs even moreso as organisations embrace cloud as their platform of choice.

Key takeways:

• Examine how compliance mandates are affecting the growth and deployment of multi-cloud environments
• The responsibility of the organisation to keep control of their encryption keys irrespective of where they reside
• The best practice steps for aligning GDPR to your data protection strategy

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This webinar was held in April 2019.